Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi

Lepakshi happens to be a village in Andhra Pradesh in the Anantapur District and has shrines Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Veerabhadra which were built during the king Vijayanagara’s period.People believe that the bird Jatayu when attacked by Ravan was injured and fell in this particular place. So, Lord Rama on finding Jayatu had asked him to rise up “Le Pakshi”, thus the name Lepakshi.

The temple has been built with part structures carved in place amongst the huge rocks and part carved stone pillars placed to support the structure- there is hardly any mortar used to support the structure. The carvings are exquisite and their stories depict Indian history beautifully

Lepakshi is believed to have a reference to Ramayana – the bird Jatayu, wounded by Ravana while taking away Sita is said to have fallen here and when Ram reached he saw Jatayu and said “Le Pakshi” – arise bird and hence the name.

Lepakshi temple is awesome, its sculpture and the hidden scientific logic behind hanging pillar, 24*365 water emergence from the foot mark, the concrete remains, and blood marks of the sacrifice to prove the innocence etc tell more about the forgot/ignored historic events of vijayanagara empire

There are several small eateries on the road leading to the mail temple complex, but I chose to eat at the AP tourism restaurant which was only having a vegetarian buffet.

The food was simple and delicious, however it was a bit high priced considering the food variety. 
A good 2-3 hours are enough to see both the temple and the Nandi statue.
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